• Mary Anderson (Clay Artist)
  • Jerry Barlow (Clay Artist)
  • Vedina Beard (Clay Artist)
  • Sean Bill (Clay Artist)
  • Glenda Burns (Clay Artist)
  • Jane Burns (Clay Artist)
  • Randy Crimmel (Clay Artist)
  • Gary Carlos* (Clay Artist)
  • Shenny Cruces* (Clay Artist)
  • Nathan Davidson (Clay Artist)
  • Harold Farley (Clay Artist)
  • Susan Farley (Glass Artist)
  • Sean Flaherty (Clay Artist)
  • Ralph Flint (Clay Artist)
  • Ardis Fox (Clay Artist)
  • Pam Gallego (Clay Artist)
  • Russ Gamble (Clay Artist)
  • Don Hall (Clay Artist)
  • Tara Heinzen (Clay Artist)
  • Stan Holtz* (Clay Artist)
  • Lana Jones (Clay Artist)
  • Erika Kleinhempel (Clay Artist)
  • Susan Krietemeyer (Clay Artist)
  • Dania Lukey (Clay & Weaving
  • Joe Mariscal* (Clay Artist)
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Don Hall
Linda Osborne
Harry Nakamoto
Glenda Burns
L. O. Smith
  • Darlene Martinez (Clay Artist)
  • Melvin Menda (Clay Artist)
  • Harry Nakamoto (Clay Artist)
  • Dolores Navarro (Clay Artist)
  • Linda Osborne (Clay Artist)
  • Deborah Piombo (Clay Artist)
  • Richard Piombo (Clay Artist
  • Joy Ross (Clay Artist)
  • Donna Samelson (Clay Artist)
  • Randall Schantin (Clay Artist)
  • Amada Sedgwick-Moule (Clay
  • Frank Sheldon (Clay Artist)
  • Sonya Schumacher (Clay Artist)
  • Terry Stevens (Clay Artist)
  • Mitchel Smith (Clay & Print Artist)
  • L. O. Smith (Clay Artist)
  • J.C. Strote (Glass Artist)
  • Dana Stroud (Clay Artist)
  • Leslie Sullivan (Clay Artist)
  • Velinda Tackett (Clay Artist)
  • Sarah Trammell (Clay Artist)
  • Jetty Uebner (Clay Artist)
  • Anne Watanabe (Clay Artist)
  • Kathy White (Clay Artist)

*Honorary Members
Members in the News ...
Donna Samelson
Jetty Uebner
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Pam Ackles
Lana Jones
Jane Burns
JC Strote
Kathy White
Dolly Navarro
Susan Farley
Mary Anderson
Congratulations to "Hobby Potter"
Tammy  Schoppet who just, celebrates
the 5-Year Anniversary of her online
video series “365 Days of Clay Cups”!
With her dream to learn the art of
throwing on the pottery wheel, she
created a personalized learning
adventure through social media. The
daily video journals followed her
inspirational “cup-a-day” progress as
she tackled new techniques, improved
her skills, and discovered some
personal growth along the way.

More details at
Congratulations to the following
members who had art accepted in
the 2018 show:

Susan Farley
Lana Jones
Linda Osborne
JC Strote
Kathy White
Congratulations to Lana Jones
who is showing three of her new photography in the
Stories and Sequences show at the
Mariposa Arts Council's Tree Top Gallery
5009 Highway 140, Mariposa, CA

The Treetop Gallery is located is located upstairs
from Chocolate Soup.

Gallery Hours:
9-5 Monday through Friday, 10-5:30 on Saturday,
and 11-4 on Sunday.

Show open through June 24, 2018

For more information please call the Arts Council at
(209) 966-3155 or visit